In this course you will learn:
    •        The principles of Reflexology  
    •        What you can use Reflexology for
    •        Basic reflex points of the hand
    •        Basic Reflexology techniques
    •        Practical work on yourself and other
             course participants

    After the first session you will already be able
        to use Hand Reflexology on yourself and others.



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And so much more…
Oran Aviv

Do you know what to do in an emergency?????

    First Aid and CPR Courses
This class is in Hebrew only.

First Aid (4 hours)
    Cost: 150 NIS*
Participants will receive a First Aid certificate

CPR (4 hours)
What to do if someone chokes, stops breathing and/or has a heart attack
Cost: 150 NIS*
Participants will receive a CPR certificate

* If you register for both courses - for a total of 8 hours -
the cost is only 200 NIS!
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This class will be taught in Hebrew by Moshe Zalle, a professional, full
time medic who has also published books on 1st Aid and CPR.

When you study 1st Aid and CPR with Moshe you remember what you
learn because he shares his own personal experiences which remain with

    Everyone can learn basic Reflexology and begin using it
    immediately as preventative care and also to help nip in the bud
    ailments before they turn into illness.

    Hand Reflexology is excellent for using on oneself and it is also
    easier to learn and do on others.

Basic Hand Reflexology
2 x 2 1/2 hour class cost: 300 NIS

    Hands-On Dementia was developed to allow caregivers and/or
    family members to easily learn and use hand reflexology
    techniques on patients with Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  Nursing home
    caregivers who have also taken this course, tell of positive results
    with their patients.

    Caregivers have reported that only a few minutes a day of
    Hand’s-On Dementia has helped reduce anxiety, induce longer
    sleep and improves relations between the caregiver and person
    with Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  At the Beit Protea Nursing home
    department in Herzelia, caregivers report that using hand
    reflexology has reduced the amount of pain medications some
    residents take.

    This 15 hour course includes theory, practice sessions, a test
    and certificates of completion.  For more information or to
    arrange a course at your facility or institution, please contact
    Oran at or call (057)5533856.

Hand Reflexology for Caregivers of
Senior's with  Alzheimer's/Dementia
Graduates of Hand Reflexology Course
for caregivers of patients with dementia.

    "Hi-  It was fantastic! I was sitting at the
    dance festival last night and started
    getting my usual headache from the loud
    music.  I did  hand Reflexology and I
    didn't realize it until later that the
    headache was gone!!"
    Ellen, Kfar Saba

    "After the first hand Reflexology course with Oran, I went home to perform the "homework"
    on my family.  I was pretty shy to massage my children's hands, but they totally loved it!  It
    made me realize that as they have grown into boys, I have stopped touching them the way I
    did when they were babies.  Apparently they have really missed it!  They begged me for
    more Reflexology all during Shabbat and we have now settled into a 10 minute mini-
    massage before bedtime most nights.  I rub their hands and they pour out the stories of
    their days that they previously kept to themselves.  They claim they are sleeping better and
    feeling less stressed, more loved and more connected to me.  I'm delighted!"  
    Emily Segal
    "Oran presents in an easy-to-
    understand manner.  She gives
    personal attention and monitors how
    each person is progressing.  The
    content is delivered in bite-sized
    amounts and then by the end of the
    course you realize how much you've
    Nadine,  Zichron Ya'akov

    "I wanted to let you know that since doing
    the course, hand Reflexology has become an
    integral part of our family life -  I use it to help my husband's lower back pain, as well as
    relieving his foot pain.   I  have taught my younger daughter how to stop her hiccups. (She
    was suffering with them a  couple of times a day for about 30  minutes to an hour each
    Jax, Shomron
  • Basic Hand Reflexology Course
  • Hand Reflexology for Caregivers of
    patients with Alzheimer's/Dementia
  • First Aid and CPR Courses