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Oran Aviv


    March 25, 2012

    Dear Oran,

    I have been going to you for years off and on and you always seem to surprise me
    with your amazing healing talents.  I have tried many holistic treatments, but I
    always come back to you, because there is no doubt in my mind that you are the
    best, you combine all your knowledge and talents into your treatments. In the
    past I suffered from hot flashes that just disappeared after your treatments.

    Recently, I had no energy and was totally unattached to my body.  I was
    hospitalized for depression.  You gave me reflexology at the hospital and you
    brought life back into my body and soul just with your touch.  After your
    treatment, I could feel my blood flowing again and my spirits lifting.

    Thanks Oran, you are a savior to my body and soul.

    Diabetes - blood sugar levels drop after Reflexology Treatment

    Sept. 2010

    Hi, Oran,

    I noticed that in general my blood sugar has been good with few spikes
    during the past few months. Blood pressure on the occasions that I have
    taken it have been well within the normal range for a person of my age.
    With such encouraging results in so short a time, both my son and I will
    continue the treatments with you.
    Bruce Weinstein, Netanya

    Note:  Friday May 28th, 2010
    Checked blood sugar levels before and after 45 minute Reflexology
    session: blood sugar lowered from 220 – 160!

    Back Ache

    Nov. 20, 2011

    Hi Oran!
    I feel much better today – thank you!  It's quite amazing that even the really strong pain that I
    had in that one small spot my back disappeared without me even telling you about it
    specifically.  I also feel much more energetic today.

    I would love to come to you again sometime next week, whenever's convenient for you.
    Huge hug,

    Tzippi, Kfar Saba

    Hip Ache

    Dec. 2011

    Hi Oran this is Lynda saw you on Sunday
    I am feeling sooo good cannot believe how much better my hip is had a pain free sleep last
    night for the first time in months
    Was very tired today could be from the treatment or lots of walking yesterday
    Thank you so much if possible I think I would like another treatment before I leave on the 17th
    Will call you in the next day or two
    Once again thank you
    Lynda xx (from Australia)
    Reflexology and So Much More...

    Nov. 2011

    I felt great!  You have such a healing touch!
    I love the way you are always learning and sharing information.
    Sunita, Kfar Saba


    Jan 17, 2011

    Yesterday I had a severe back pain attack. How strong? I thought I would
    pass out. I called Oran and, thankfully, she was free to accept me.

    Oran received me with pleasant music playing in the background, she found
    out some information and after a one and a half hour treatment, which
    included additional techniques besides reflexology,  she sent me on my way  
    without pain, and with specific instructions how to proceed in the coming days.

    Now the day after, I barely feel any pain, and the best part: Oran called to
    ask how I feel :-)

    Simply Wonderful.
    Erez, Kfar Saba

    New Mother Treatment

    April 20th, 2011

    Hi Oran

    Thank you SO much ! What a wonderful, original present for a new baby (and his mum !). I was
    really looking for an original and special present to give Gali and a treatment with you fitted the bill
    exactly! She loved the treatment and with the advice that you gave her, has been able to treat her
    new baby too.

    Thank you SO much,

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    Feb. 5th, 2013

    Oran Aviv calls her business reflex and more and she couldn't have been
    more correct in naming it so.

    When I arrived to my appointment yesterday I had the weight of the
    world on/in my chest, literally.
    After her treatment, which was as much conversation as physical
    treatment, that weight is gone.

    How does she do it? Is she a miracle worker?
    To me she is. The stress is gone and she gave me the tools to cope
    with it IF it should return.
    I had a great sleep and feel like myself again.

    Bless you and
    Sally, Kfar Saba