And so much more for
Deep Relaxation and
Better Health
In today’s fast, high tech world, our bodies don’t always
adapt well to the stress, the fast food and the various
pollutants around us.

Our amazing bodies normally
know how to heal themselves,
but sometimes they get off

Sometimes we need to stop,
check and make some easy to
learn lifestyle changes that can
make a huge improvement in our
And so much more…
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And so much more for
A Healthy Choice
And so much more for
Your Family
Can you imagine taking your kids to visit the doctor only once a
year just for a checkup?
Oran Aviv
Reflexology induces deep relaxation and
by applying pressure to various reflex
points on the feet (and hands, ears and
face) your mind and body relax and the
healing process begins. Reflexology
allows you to do what you really know
best - to heal yourself.  
With a gentle smile on your lips,
all you can think is “
Life is good!

Oran explains: I think
the trick with keeping
kids healthy is to make
sure their immune
systems are functioning
at full power and to
learn to nip in the bud
any ailments before
they develop into full
scale illnesses.
    "…On one of the days when he felt a
    stomach ache, my son scolded me for
    forgetting to massage him… which
    proves that the massage and your
    treatment help with his stomach aches.  
    His situation has  improved greatly since
    your treatment."
    The Frank  Family, Tzuryigal
Reflexology and natural preventative
measures make all the difference.

This is something every parent can  easily
learn to do.

No special skills or talents required.
"I am so grateful for getting
back my life!"
Ellen, Kfar Saba
"Oran is the most gifted Reflexologist I have ever
encountered.  I have had treatments in New York
City, in 5 star hotels, in spas, and no one has
come close to the skill and results that I
experience with Oran."
Debbie, Sde Warburg
"Oran's treatments are precise and deep
and work for me on many levels.  I
invariably leave her treatment feeling
energized and uplifted and ready to face
life with renewed strength and optimism"
Abigail,Yafe Nof
"I have been plagued by a dread fear of
public speaking my entire life.  
After a 5 minute EFT treatment with
Oran, I felt  like all the anxiety had just
melted away"  
Emily Segal
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
    "Thanks for the
    tapping. Tapping
    makes me go
    asleep fast."
    Lior age 6 1/2
"Thanks so much!
Can't wait to see u again!"
Batia, Ra'anana
    "Oran seems to have the right
    approach to keeping her family
    healthy.  I wish more of my
    patients were as healthy as
    her children are".  
    Dr. Shmuel Franco,
    Kfar Saba
"Thanks. I didn't realize how
stressed I was."
Bruce, Netanya
    "I am most happy to say
    that Cocoa is once again in
    the normal weight range
    and I give all the credit to
    Emily, Kfar Saba
"Before I met you I thought that it was
normal to go through life with a certain
amount of tiredness and stress. ...
My weekly treatments with you have
become one of the most important things
in my life."
Dr. Yvette Lever, Zichron Ya'acov
"The most professional and pleasant Reflexologist I have ever
met... I have no doubt that today, I have an excellent
Yaron - Gurevich N.D.
Certified Naturopath
Kfar Saba
"Oran Aviv calls her business reflex and more and she
couldn't have been more correct in naming it so."
Sally, Kfar Saba
"ORAN ORAN ORAN - what a wonderful treatment this
woman gives. No words needed more than the following: Just
GO! And let anyone you care about know about it too."
Inbal, Kfar Saba